Embrace the Imperfect

Life is often wonderful and exciting, but rarely follows along according to plans.  This work is one of my favorite as it embraces the imperfect.  See if you can find the holes in leaves munched by insects.  The border fabric was my first attempt at dying madder, but ended up more red than orange.  It sat in shame in my drawer for months.  Then, I noticed it enhanced the Eucalyptus prints from another piece that I thought was too dull.

Eco-Printed on peace silk, machine stitched with raw silk dyed with madder, and mounted on 22X28 canvas.

Madder, Eucalyptus, Grape Leaf, Ginko, Maple, Tree of Heaven, Willow, Tupelo, Sweet Gum, Grapes, Rust Water

click here for larger image

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